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Why Your Office Needs THESE Pickles ASAP!

From Electric Pickles to Naked Eggs - Taking Science from the Lab ...

You would never guess that dill pickles, fried pickles, sweet pickles, homemade pickles, even pickle juice are all crucial to your company, but they are!  Pickles ARE the core of your company.  This variety of pickles will keep your company operating efficiently, boost employee morale, and brings a sense of balance to the office. 


Okay, I’ll confess I’m not really talking about pickles here.  Though, I am not opposed to having pickles in the office as they can be quite delicious… It’s a metaphor for how to consider personalities when hiring your team. If you happen to want to bring the pickles into the workplace as well- because lets face it, pickles will probably still boost morale- then so be it!


Let’s get down to the juicy stuff! What “pickles” DO you need in the office?


The Real “Dill”


The Dill pickle is recognized as the most popular pickle you’ll find in a refrigerator, on a sandwich, or in a big glass jar at the gas station.  Why are Dill pickles the most popular? They are reliably good!  The first type of pickles you NEED in your workplace are reliable pickles without a doubt. 


The office “dills” are going to be the people you know will get the job done and done well.  They are employees you can turn to for help with tasks that may not even be their responsibility simply because they want to do their best work possible and genuinely care.  This type of person is resourceful, often collaborative, and consistently productive.  The “dill” employees are also generally likely by their coworkers due to their amiability, work ethic, and reliability. 


Eatin’ Sweet!


Bread and butter pickles, or sweet flavored pickles, are our next necessity in the office.  Though not highly favored like the reliable dill pickles, the sweet pickles soften up what can sometimes be a tense environment.


An employee who is considered sweet, sympathetic, and thoughtful can bring a sense of home to the workplace.  This is the person always checking on how your family is doing, bringing baked goods to the workplace, checking to see if anyone needs help, organizing office parties, remembering birthdays, and so on. 


Do not let the sweetness fool you, this person does still need to be a hard worker and due to their level of care, likely will be.  Bringing this sense of hospitality and warmth to the workplace does make it a little bit easier for coworkers to come in every day which is why sweet pickles are a necessity in your office!




If you haven’t tried a fried pickle, let me tell you, you are missing out big time!  Lucky for you, I can draw up a nice comparison for what a fried pickle experience might entail.  Fried pickles have a lovely contrast in textures from first the cream ranch you dip it in, to the soft, greasy crunch of the fried breading encrusting them, and finally the thorough chomp-crunch of the actual pickle itself.  This pickle experience is multifaceted, highly enjoyable, full of smiles, and a solid go-to for a great time!


In the office, the fried pickle is going to be somebody known for their light-heartedness, constant smile, and who cannot be serious for 8 straight work hours.  With their complex texture, the fried pickle knows when its time to have fun, be focused, and crack the right joke without compromising professionalism or productivity. 


Sometimes, when tensions are high in the office, people may look to this person to lighten things up with some humor or even just a well-timed smile.  The fried pickle brings the belly laughs and leaves the drama at the door which makes them well-liked by coworkers and keeps the air in the office light!


Homemade > Store Bought


Yes, people home-make pickles.  Homemade is one of the best types of pickles of all for the workplace!  Homemade pickles are fairly simple requiring about 8 ingredients and a jar.  However, this is still more time consuming than just going to the store and buying pre-made pickles, and it may not taste like the mainstream pickles we are used to.  However, on the health and hard work scale, these persevere.


Homemade pickles are vital to the workplace because they are a solid foundation of great work ethic, ingenuity, perseverance, self-starting, and punctuality.  As homemade pickles do not come easy, these employees worked their butts off to get where they are and have a solid skills base as well a strong commitment to the company.  These individuals are focused and highly motivated due to their sense of pride in their work.  When employees have pride in their work, the company is going to reap the benefits of high quality and high productivity.


Pickle Juice, Pickle Juice, Pickle Juice!


Okay, I know this is “technically” not a pickle, but it is the whole soul and essence of the pickle besides the cucumber element itself.  Pickle juice is the entire driving force behind creating, maintaining, and the enjoyment of the pickles.  Pickle juice offer many benefits: it hydrates, relieves muscle cramps, enhances gut health, and even contains antioxidants.  There are so many benefits to pickle juice and even more to having “pickle juice” in your workplace!


Regarding the workplace, I consider the culture and core values the “pickle juice” of a company.  Just as pickle juice is the core to creating and maintaining the pickles, the culture and values of a company being in line with employees is especially important to the company’s success.  Take a look at REVEX’s blog post on the 5 Ways to Revamp Communication on Your Workplace which touches on the importance of establishing a company culture and core values.


When a company culture and values are embraced by employees, there is a cohesiveness to the workplace which promotes higher levels of productivity and morale.  Setting a company culture of quality, trust, innovation, family, systems, resourcefulness, and so on will guide employees to live out positive values every day in the workplace.  The culture and value “pickle juice” must be present in all employees which makes EVERY employee a pickle!



To conclude, you NEED this variety of pickles (and pickle juice) in your workplace!  If all of your employees were the same type of people, your company might lack innovation, creativity, collaboration, and fun!  The strategic combination of reliable, nurturing, energetic, hardworking, and cultured employees will help your company and your employees to thrive.



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Thanks so much for reading!


Dani Barry 
Marketing Manager 

REVEX is a Medical Billing Service & Software Company catering  to the Healthcare Industry. 
(Specifically Skilled Nursing Facilities)

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