Monday, May 4, 2020

Meet the REVEX Team!

We're Excited to Work with You & Your Billing Team!

REVEX Team (from left to right); Cory Boyle, Patrick Walker, Molly Crockwell,
Dani Barry, Harrison Cobb, Mary Asher, Jane Hoang
Billing Operations:

Meet Cory Boyle!
Time with REVEX: Since 2003
Favorite part of working at REVEX: Developing new technology
Job title/main duties: Managing Member
Favorite food: Anything free!
School Attended: K-State Bachelors, KU Med Graduate School
Hobbies: Raising children
Interesting fact about you: I love nutrition and fitness but am overweight and out of shape
Favorite accomplishment: Masters in Health Admin
Hometown: Topeka, KS
Family: Tara (wife), Hudson (12 years old son), Romy (10 years old daughter), Gemma (8 years old daughter)
Favorite sports team(s): K-State Wildcats

Meet Harrison Cobb!
Time with REVEX: Since August 2014
Favorite part of working at REVEX: The family-centered and relaxed work environment
Job title/main duties: Director of Operations & Sales - I identify major trends, support & align the team with priorities of our customers.  I also meet with customers to discuss collections performance.
Favorite food: Sushi, BBQ
School Attended: Missouri Western State University (Undergrad), Baker University (MBA)
Hobbies: Writing & filmmaking
Interesting fact about you: I played collegiate baseball & have a baseball award named after me at Missouri Western
Favorite accomplishment: Starting a family
Hometown: Olathe, KS
Family: Megan (wife) and Fletcher (son)
Favorite sports team(s): Chiefs, Royals, & Jayhawks

Meet Patrick Walker!
Time with REVEX: Since January 2019
Favorite part of working at REVEX: Working at a smaller firm means more flexibility.  Also, problem solving involves everyone and everyone's input is valued.
Job title/main duties: Director of IT- I maintain RPA performance as well as the performance and access of our data systems.  I also work on specialized AR projects.
Favorite food: Pizza
School Attended: Grandview HS, University of Kansas
Hobbies: Weightlifting, mountain biking, scale radio control
Interesting fact about you: I spent 14 years in the military.
Favorite accomplishment: Graduating Universiry
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Family: My girlfriend & daughter
Favorite sports team(s): KC Royals & KC Chiefs

Meet Mary Asher!
Time with REVEX: Since July 2013
Favorite part of working at REVEX: The people I work with, both co-workers & clients
Job title/main duties: I'm not even sure anymore.. Medicare billing
Favorite food: Mexican
School Attended: Turner HS (Kansas City, KS)
Hobbies: Reading, puzzles, singing, attending Church
Interesting fact about you: I have two children 20 years apart with the same husband!
Favorite accomplishment: My family
Hometown: Kansas City, KS
Family: Ed (husband), Zee (daughter), Jonathan & Jennifer (my son & his wife); Baylee, Chayse, Kendyl, Landry (granddaughters)
Favorite sports team(s): Whichever my son and grandchildren are on!

Meet Jacob Sirna!
Time with REVEX: Since February 2020
Favorite part of working at REVEX: My co-workers
Job title/main duties: Office Manager- Printing & mailing claims, running reports, & helping out where I can.
Favorite food: Italian
School Attended: Ottawa University
Hobbies: Reading, working out, sports, hanging out with friends & family
Interesting fact about you: I am currently reading about the economic history of the U.S. 
Favorite accomplishment: Graduating college with a bachelor's degree
Hometown: Overland Park, KS
Family: Mom, Dad, my younger sister, and my dog
Favorite sports team(s): Chiefs, Royals,  Jayhawks, & Sporting KC

Marketing & Sales Operations:

Meet Dani Barry!
Time with REVEX: Since January 2020
Favorite part of working at REVEX: The fun work environment & flexibility/freedom to be creative
Job title/main duties: Marketing Manager/ I design social media graphics & posts, make product videos, communicate with clients & future clients, as well as come up with fun campaigns.
Favorite food: Chicken Marsala
School Attended: University of Central Missouri (Psychology BS, Sociology MA, MBA-Marketing)
Hobbies: Exploring KC, doing ANYTHING sports related, reading
Interesting fact about you: I played basketball at UCM for 5 years & won a conference championship
Favorite accomplishment: Graduating with 3 degrees
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Family: Mary (mom), Tom (dad),  Angela (older sister), Tommy (older brother), Levi (my pup)
Favorite sports team(s): Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubbies, KC Chiefs, and the Royals (diff. division than my Cubbies;)

Meet Jane Hoang!
Time with REVEX: Since December 2019
Favorite part of working at REVEX: Friendly & supportive work environment
Job title/main duties: Marketing Manager- Data Science
Favorite food: Seafood (crab is my love), Italian, BBQ
School Attended: Avila University
Hobbies: Photography, cooking, hiking
Interesting fact about you: I can't eat fresh strawberries- but I like strawberry smoothies, cake, and ice cream!
Favorite accomplishment: Conquering Mount Fansipan (10,312 ft; 3,143 m) in 4 days and 3 nights.
Hometown: Vietnam
Family: I am the eldest child with a younger brother and younger sister.  My mom is a biology teacher at the secondary school and my dad is an engineer at a tanker company.
Favorite sports team(s): KC Chiefs!

Meet Mollie Crockwell!
Time with REVEX: Since January 2020
Favorite part of working at REVEX: My co-workers are amazing and I love learning something new everyday in the medical billing industry.
Job title/main duties: Marketing Manager/ I correspond with prospects daily to inform them of the services REVEX has to offer.  I also assist in creating posts for all of our social media platforms.
Favorite food: Any kind of pasta!
School Attended: Missouri State University
Hobbies: I love to play with my doggies and spend time with family & friends.
Interesting fact about you: I am obsessed with avocados!
Favorite accomplishment: Buying my first house a couple of months ago!
Hometown: St Louis, MO
Family: I am married and have two beautiful puppies!
Favorite sports team(s): KC Chiefs!


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